Time-Dependent Email Reminders with Process Builder and Workflow Rules

Time-Dependent Email Reminders.

Hi Guys,

Today I would like to cover Time-Dependent Email Reminders.
We have the following use case:

  • The client should receive an email reminder.
  • The email should be sent after a few hours or after a few days based on CreatedDate/ModificationDate or some other DateTime field.
  • Specific record criteria should be met.

How we can accomplish it?

Process Builder or Workflow Rule.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Create a Classic Email Template

Go to Setup > Classic Email Templates.
Click the New button.
Select one of the email template types.
Fill mandatory fields, email content, and Save.

Step 2 – Create Email Alert

Go to Setup > Email Alerts.
Press the New Email Alert button,
Select Description, Unique Name, Object, Email Template (Step 1), select Recipient Type, and Save.

Solution 1 – Workflow Rules

Go to Setup > Workflow Rules.
Click New Rule.
Select the appropriate object.
Prepare Rule Criteria. You can use simply criteria or formula.

Go to the Time-Dependent Workflow Actions section.
Click the Edit button and Add Time Trigger.
Select Time, when Email Reminder should be sent and Save.

You can select our Email Reminder by Add Workflow Action > Select Existing Action

Your Workflow should look like in the following way

Note! Remember to Active the rule!

Solution 2 – Process Builder

Go to Setup > Process Builder.
Click New button.

Add Process Builder Criteria.

Check Yes under Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record?

Set Schedule and Add Action.
From Action Type select Email Reminders and in Email Alert section search your Email Alert.

Note! Remember to Active the Process Builder!


I created a new Case with an empty description.

Workflow Rules Validation

Go to Setup > Time-Based Workflow.
You should be able to see your Workflow Rule scheduled.

Process Builder Validation

Go to Setup > Paused Flow Interviews.
You should be able to see your Process Builder scheduled.

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