Using Visual Studio Code and Salesforce CLI Integration plugin with Metadata format repository


In the “Salesforce DX – SFDX – Guide” article, we explained what it is and how to use SFDX. Generally, the Salesforce DX project has a specific project structure and source format. Source format uses a different set of files and file extensions from what you’re accustomed to when using Metadata API. But what if you want to use Visual Studio Code with the Salesforce CLI Integration plugin but your repository is in the Metadata format?

How to configure the project?

NOTE: This doesn’t work if you want to retrieve or deploy SObject definition (SObject configuration, fields, etc.) – you will need to use the ANT Migration tool for that (here is our guide).

Create a Salesforce DX project

  1. use Ctrl+Alt+P keyboard shortcut
  2. enter SFDX: Create Project
  3. choose Empty
  4. enter your project name
  5. choose project location

An empty project has been created in the source format.

New Project

Authorize your credentials

If you do not have the org authorized yet:

  1. use Ctrl+Alt+P keyboard shortcut
  2. enter SFDX: Authorize an Org
  3. choose the org type that you want to authorize
  4. enter an org alias
  5. log in to a destination org using the Salesforce login page

If you’ve already created the alias for your org:

  • click on the “No Default Org Set” icon in the sidebar and choose the existing alias

You have been authorized.

Authorized credentials

Delete the force-app folder

Project structure

Go to the project directory and clone the repository

Git Clone

The remote repository has been cloned.

Metadata source

Also, the Source Control has been initialized.

Initialized repository

Update the sfdx-project.json file to the new project directory

  1. open the sfdx-project.json file
  2. change the “path” to the name of the project folder from repository
Update JSON file

Verify if you can use the Salesforce CLI functions

Make a change to the file:

Version Control

Compare the local file to the version in the org:

Diff command
Diff page

Deploy changes:

Deploy command
Deploy message

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